King Willem-Alexander opens International horticulture exhibition Floriade Expo 2022
King Willem-Alexander opens International horticulture exhibition Floriade Expo 2022 Yesterday, king Willem-Alexander opened the International horticulture exhibition Floriade Expo 2022 in Almere, the Netherlands

Accompanied by dignitaries and stakeholders the company toured the park and its highlight, followed by the offical opening ceremony.

By placing a cress in this 'living map' of the Floriade, Willem-Alexander, together with three children, officially opened the International Horticultural Exhibition 

The horticulture industry is represented through The Green House, a greenhouse of about 1 hectare serving many purposes at once. There is a small department focusing on actual production and growing technology, where visitors can see how modern production looks like. Above all, however, it is an presentation area for all kinds of artworks, floral arrangements and concepts concerning the theme of sustainability and climate. Accompanied by Maurice van Wubben, Heleen Valstar and Nico van Ruiten, responsible for involving and presenting the greenhouse industry at the exposition, the king walked went on a tour through the glasshouse.

The king is learning all about The Green House

Theme of Floriade Almere is Growing Green Cities. Food security and a harmonious blending of urbanization and nature are not a given, so participants were asked to present their most recent insights in this area. 

Dignitaries present at the opening

The exhibition area measures around 60 ha, wearing a pair of comfortable shoes is advised

In recent years there has been much discussion about the raison d'etre of the Floriade. Opponents in particular have been vocal about the (high) costs, (limited) international interest and the number of visitors to be expected. The big question now is whether indeed there will be enough visitors: there are still limited travel possibilities from faraway countries, while it is not for sure interest from locals is sufficient to break even.

A map of the exhibition, click here for large

The Chinese pavilion

This building, together with a school building and an elderly home, will stay after the exhibition is over. The area itself will be transformed to a resident area.

View in The Green House

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